What Services Tron Link Provides

Tron Link is a leading ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) company of 3C (communication, computer, and consumer electronics) products. Our R&D teams specialized in efficient and effective product development. The factory keeps expertise on low-cost and high-quality manufacturing. In each phase of the product development lifecycle, Tron Link always plays a proactive role.

  • Ideas and Concepts: The R&D department keeps watching on market trends and state-of-art technologies to brainstorm out the new ideas and concepts. To keep our customers competitive, we start services at this very early phase. We offer not only innovative ideas and concepts, but also concrete product proposals and prototype samples to our customers to develop 'killer' products.
  • Electronics Design and Engineering: The electrical engineering team understands customers' function requirements or specifications of electronical features, and transforms them into realized circuits and programs.
  • Mechanical Design and Engineering: The mechanical engineering team implements the industry designs as well as the mechanical functions for our customers.
  • Artwork Design: The artwork design team is responsible for the packaging and printing work. We are experienced in designing cost-effective package to have appealing look without sacrificing the protection of the product. We can also give advice on printings design, such as instruction manual, stickers, and cards.
  • Prototyping: Rapid prototyping speeds up the product development process. We implement the concepts or designs into real samples for both the customers and us to develop and debug the products in more efficient and effective ways.
  • Pilot Production: For solving possible problems in mass production, pilot production is one of our standard procudures to ensure the success of products.
  • Mass Production: With more than 30 years experience in manufacturing, we provides low-cost, high-quality, and on-time shipment mass production service.