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Microcontroller Computer System Engineering Kit I


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  • Brand-new electronic experiment kit about Microcontroller.
  • User can study how to use microcontroller to control other electronic components.
  • Featured key parts include ATMEL microcontroller (ATtiny 2313), 7-segment display, infrared transmitter/receiver, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, motor, buzzer, microphone, and LEDs.
  • Can connect to PC via the IR (infrared) transceiver cable.
  • The easy-to-use PC utility allows user to write the programs for microcontroller.
  • Value measurement of the electronic components can be real-time displayed on the PC monitor.
  • Well-assembled modules enable you immediately enjoy experimenting on different projects.
  • Safe, easy, and solderless assembly.
  • Lets you complete 100 fun and interesting experiments using the provided parts.
  • 144-page full-color experiment manual.

Additional Information

Material: ABS
Battery Type: 1 x 9V/6LR61 (not included)
Manual: German, English
Age: 12+years